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27 March 2018

Prevent Garden Pests with Beer

Did you know beer can help prevent garden pests?  Just fill small jars with beer and place them in the garden.  Insects are attracted to the sugars, and when they slip in for a sip, they aren't able to crawl or fly out.

You can also use this method to keep wasps and bees away from outdoor gatherings, too.  Place a bowl of beer several feet away from the main gathering area and bugs will buzz away from guests.


22 March 2018

Recipe: PuffCorn Crack

I was introduced to this at our office Christmas party last year and it's quickly become my go to for a quick snack to take to meetings, parties, etc.  I'm sure there are recipes for it out in Internet world and that they go by other names, but this is the recipe from my original provider.  She just called it "Crack," which is perfectly acceptable.  But since it uses PuffCorn, I figured I'd get a little more fancy with the name...

I use the term "recipe" here loosely.  This is beyond simple to make and OH SO ADDICTING!  Make sure you have somewhere to take this if you make it because if you don't, you'll find yourself eating the ENTIRE BATCH.

21 March 2018

Laissez Bon Temps Rouler

Yes, I know that Mardi Gras was a few weeks ago.

And Easter is on April Fool's Day this year.  Hopefully some of you will have some fun with the collision of the two.  After all, no matter the time of year, let the good times roll!

I attempted making a King cake for the first time this year; I took the lazy man's route and didn't bother to braid it like a traditional King cake.  And, there was no naked baby inside to pose as a choking hazard, but all in all I thought it was pretty tasty.  (My coworkers did too!)


February turned out to be a fairly busy month.  Which is strange because usually everyone is still trying to recover from the holidays and the New Year.