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17 May 2018

Cake of the Day

Sometimes, I'll get a request for a cake, and my response is "What?  What is that?"  Google to the rescue!  This was one of those cakes - I learned a little bit about a TV show I had no idea was airing.  And now I can say I'm hip to a recent trend.  Well, ok, not really!


Talk to you soon!

*Cake posting streak = 3 days! (New Record!)

16 May 2018

Cake of the Day


The birthday boy wanted a train cake.  But according to his Mom, he was more interested in the ballast (the rocks) and tracks than in what kind of train.

How do I know this? Because I asked if he really wanted a high speed bullet version train.  Turns out he did. 

Not something we see often round these parts, but it was still fun to build.  The train was made from rice krispies; the trees are mini waffle cones covered in fondant!

Talk to you soon!

*Cake posting streak = 2 days! (New Record!!)

15 May 2018

Changing Tatics you are aware, if you check in with the blog very often or get email updates, I'm not the world's most punctual blogger.  What can I say - I'm busy with other things!

In an effort to better keep up with posting creations here, I've decided to try posting a cake a day.  Or at least a cake a few days a week.  Let's face it, 7 days a week ain't going to happen!

The first "Cake of the Day" is this genie inspired beauty.


The toppers were water squirter bath toys, so the birthday girl got her cake and toys too!

Talk to you soon! (Maybe tomorrow...)