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04 August 2017

Christmas in July

Yep, it's Christmas!  If you consider my sharing July cake and cookie pics with you a gift.  And, hopefully you do.  Or at least, I hope they bring some joy to your day.

Let's go!


I love it when clients tell me to design whatever I'd like; this time around it was pineapples and glitter and bright spackled paint.  Pineapples are seen as a sign of hospitality and friendship, did you know?

06 July 2017

June Boon

Time to share the June goodies!

I had the privilege of making a unicorn cake this past month - yep, I took part in the trend.  And, I may have the opportunity to make another in July!

Hard to tell in this photos, but there is even edible glitter in the mane!

27 June 2017

Summer Beer

I'm not a huge beer fan, but I do tend to drink them more often in warmer weather.  And, one of my favorite ways to partake of beer in the summer is to make a shandy mimosa or citrus beer or whatever you'd like to call it...

How to:
  • Favorite wheat beer or summer ale or shandy
  • Orange juice
  • Peach schnapps, if it's been one of those days
  1. Mix equal parts beer/ale/shandy with orange juice; adjust to your taste preference.  I usually end up with a bit more beer to orange juice.
  2. If including the schnapps, add as much or as little as you'd like.
  3. Exercise caution - these go down easy!