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15 February 2018

Oh January

January...when we all try to recover from the holidays and set unrealistic goals for ourselves.  I, myself, have already let 2 of my "resolutions" go for the year.  But, I made it a few weeks with them!

Not too many goodies for January...exactly 2 actually.  Hmm, maybe there's a correlation there between those cakes and my resolutions?


For instance, I'm too young to have too many resolutions for the new year.  Yep, that sounds like a good excuse.

19 January 2018

Neither Snow Nor Rain

Neither snow nor rain nor frigidly cold temps could keep me from attending the 1st birthday party of my first great niece.  Because, I am after all, a GREAT aunt. *wink wink*


Her party was book themed with all the food, drinks, and, of course, cakes being book inspired.  Yes, I said cakes; four to be exact.

18 January 2018

Oh Look...A Post!

Yep, it may be a new year, but I'm still set in my old ways.  Queen of timely blogging, I am not.

But, hey, I've got a post for you today.  And, maybe, I'll even keep up after this.  Even though technically, I'll still be behind because these goodies are from November 2017...the struggle...

I could use some magic to help me with my to do list.  What about you?