Advance Notice

ALL custom cake orders must be placed at least two (2) weeks in advance.
June, July, & August 2018 are currently fully booked.*

*Please note that due to a full slate of personal responsibilites, Sugared is not currently accepting new clients.


How soon should I place my order?
Two weeks notice is required on all custom cake and decorated cookie orders.  Depending on scheduling, orders for cupcakes, cake balls, or other baked goods may be accommodated with less notice.  However, it is recommended that you book as much in advance as possible in order to secure your desired date.  Sugared does not book more than 6 months in advance.

It's less than two weeks before my event, are you sure you won't take my order?
On rare occasions, orders with less than two weeks notice may be accommodated at Sugared's discretion.  In the event an order is accepted without two weeks notice, there will be a 20% rush fee charged on the final cost of the order.

What flavors of cake and fillings do you offer?
You can find a list of available cake flavors and fillings here.  If you have a cake or filling flavor in mind that is not listed, please inquire about it.  It's possible we can create a specialty flavor just for you!

Does my cake have to have a filling?
Yes.  All Sugared cakes are two individual layers of cake with a layer of filling between them.  If you opt for a tiered cake design, each cake tier is composed of two individual layers of cake with a layer of filling between them.

I don't like fondant...does it have to be on my cake?
Great!  We can be friends...I don't care for fondant either.  That being said, in many instances a cake design can be created in buttercream with minimal, if any, fondant on the cake.  Occasionally, though, to really achieve the look you have in mind, fondant may have to be utilized.  If you'd prefer the fondant be kept to a minimum, just let us know - we'll discuss your ideas and then do our best to stay fondant-free.

I found a cake I like online, can you recreate it?
The simple answer:  no.  However, if you have photos of a cake or cakes you adore, be sure to share them with us during the planning process as we can use those photos to assist in the creation of your personal design, often achieving a somewhat similar look.  But, because each cake is an individual creation by a cake artist, another artist will never interpret the design exactly the same.

How do you calculate servings?
Serving count is calculated using the standard Wilton Serving Charts for 4-inch high cakes (2-inch deep pans).  Unless specified otherwise, all serving counts are figured on "party size" slices (i.e. 1.5" x 2.0"); chart available here.  Serving counts are approximate and intended as a guide only; cutting slices larger or smaller will effect the number of servings.

How much does a cake cost?
At Sugared, every cake is a custom design, so every cake is priced individually depending on the elements included.  We will be happy to provide an estimate on cake cost, and will always let you know the final total cost prior to beginning work on your cake.

Do you deliver?  Do you charge for delivery?
We will be happy to work with you to arrange a pick-up or delivery time that is suitable for you.  If you wish to have your order delivered outside our regular delivery locations, a delivery fee will be charged.  Please contact us directly to discuss delivery fees.  Also, please be aware that if you choose to transport your cake to its destination, Sugared cannot be held responsible for the state in which the cake may arrive.

*Missed deliveries because we could not locate you at the delivery location will only be re-attempted at Sugared's discretion.  Often the delivery schedule is very full and we cannot accommodate repeated attempts to deliver an order.  Please make sure you know the location and time for your delivery and that you are there on time!  Missed deliveries may incur an additional charge.

I booked my order for a particular date, but would like to move it to another day.  No problem, right?
While we will do our best to try to accommodate your request for a date change, sometimes it simply isn't possible.  In a perfect world, we'd have enough hours in a day/week/month that all requests could be granted, but unfortunately, we don't own a time machine, so only a limited number of projects can be scheduled.  And, scheduled orders will take precedence over last minute or rescheduled ones.

I don't want a cake for an upcoming occasion, can you create me something else?
Sure!  Sugared isn't just about cakes, we welcome requests for other sweets and treats as well.  Let us know what you have in mind - whether it's cookies or pies or something else - we'll be happy to discuss your ideas.

I tried contacting you, but haven't heard back.  What's the deal?
Sugared is pretty much a "one man band," so immediate responses aren't always possible, especially if it's the weekend, as that is our busiest part of the week.  But, if you haven't heard back within a week of your initial contact, please try again.  All inquiries are important to us and we do our best to respond in a timely manner!