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31 December 2013

Out With The Old

And in with the new!

I know what you're thinking..."it's Tuesday, where is my "Tasty Tip""?  Well, it is Tuesday, but it's also New Year's Eve; in a few hours we'll be ushering in 2014, so I thought I'd do something a little different for this Tuesday.  Don't worry, Tasty Tips will be back next week.

For this week though, how about a little questionnaire for you, yourself, to fill out.  Give some consideration to what you want in the new year, what you'd like to achieve, things you'd like to try, etc.  Don't let the list below limit you, it's really just a starting point.

Feel free to print out the pic, fill in the blanks, and post it somewhere as a reminder.  Who knows, you might find you complete every item on the list this year.

Photo from:  Bits of Truth

Hope 2014 is your best year yet!

Happy New Year!  Salud!

And the Winner is...

The winner of the birthday/Christmas goodies offered up on this post is...

Comment #1 (as chosen by's "True Random Number Generator)!  The comment was left by "Next Door Denise" who said her favorite movie was White Christmas.  Congratulations!

To claim your prize, Denise, send me an email at with your contact information and I'll get your winnings on their way to you.

Thanks for playing!

28 December 2013

Happy Dance

Why?  Because I survived Christmas!  And all the Christmas cookie orders!  Yay!

How was your holiday?  Did you get to see the important people in your life?  Did you get a good gift or two?

Mine was fabulous and check and check to other two questions.

27 December 2013

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites

Or truffles, if you want to take the time to enrobe them in chocolate.  But, really, a simple drizzle of chocolate across the top suits fine.  Plus, it's quicker, so you can eat the goodies faster.  And, let's be honest, cookie dough and chocolate?  Who wants to wait longer than necessary before digging in?

These are super simple to make (just remember to set the butter out so it can soften!) and the dough is eggless, so you can safely eat it without worrying about getting sick from raw eggs.  Though full disclosure - I grew up eating raw cookie dough and I'm still here, so...

19 December 2013

It's Not All Sugar Cookies and Sprinkles

Not today, anyway.  And, yes, I'm referring to the ubiquitous Christmas cookies.  In fact, here's round 2 of said cookies.


Don't grumble at me.  I said it wasn't ALL sugar cookies and sprinkles today, at no point did I say there wouldn't be any.

17 December 2013

Perfect Party Portions

Planning a party?  Unsure how many appetizers or how many ounces of spirits to purchase?  Here's some basic guidelines:
  • Appetizers - approximately 10 pieces per person (so if you're serving two appetizers, figure 5 pieces of each app per guest)
  • Beer - 3 bottles (or the equivalent) per person
  • Spirits for cocktails - 1 bottle per 5 people; don't forget to purchase the other ingredients/mixers to create your cocktail, this guidelines is simply for the alcohol portion
  • Wine - 1 bottle per 2 people
  • Ice - 3 pounds per person

Psst...have you entered to win the Blog's birthday/Christmas gifts yet?  If not, head over here and do so today.

12 December 2013

O Christmas Tree

Update 12/30/2013:  Giveaway has ended!  Winner is comment #1 left by Denise!  Congratulations!  Post with official results and instructions on how to claim your prize over here.

O Christmas Tree!

While Christmas sugar cookies are pretty much taking over my kitchen right now, I do still have a few other things on the schedule.  This week it was two Christmas tree cakes.

Rather than decorating them both exactly the same (they were for a holiday auction event), I opted to go two different routes.

10 December 2013

Nutmeg Switch

It's baking season!  And, plenty of the recipes around this time of year use lots of spice (cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg,etc.).  Since ground spices lose flavor after about six months and chances are you won't use a whole jar that quickly, consider buying whole spices next time.  For example, in the case of nutmeg, it will stay potent for up to 2 years and you can easily grate just the amount you need each time.  Just use a fine grater and add the fresh nutmeg sparingly - it will taste stronger than the pre-grated, jarred kind.


05 December 2013

November in a Nutshell

Well, the last two weeks of November anyway.  It's the holidays, plus I'm still enjoying football season, so the blog receives posts somewhat sporadically.  It's all about priorities, right?

Speaking of priorities...whose going to be at the Bedlam game this weekend, freezing your tail off along with the rest of us, and cheering the Cowboys on to a win??  Oh yes, I'll be there.  Though you might not recognize me because I plan to be bundled in layer upon layer of clothing.  I'm not out to make a fashion statement, no sir; I plan to be as warm as possible.

03 December 2013

Scent of the Holidays

Holiday aroma made easy. Boil a pot of water with orange rinds, cinnamon sticks, whole star anise, and whole cloves.  Just don't let the pot boil dry!