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29 October 2014


Cupcakes!  Cupcakes for all!  Though today's examples do show a preponderance towards baby showers.


28 October 2014

Halloween Recap

Halloween is Friday...  Do you have your costume picked out?  Treats for the kiddos ready to go?  If you're still in need of some ideas, I've rounded up a few I've done here on the blog the past few years, maybe they'll help inspire you!


21 October 2014

Spice Lineup

I have a lot of spices in my spice cabinet...they just seem to multiply.  And, it doesn't help that the cabinet I keep them in is rather deep, meaning there are jars of spices in the far back reaches as well as stacked two deep.  I got tired of not knowing what was in the cabinet and of having to take all the spices out only to find that the one I was looking for I, of course, didn't have.

My solution?  A list of spices in the cabinet, typed up, alphabetized, then taped to the inside of the cabinet door.  

Now, I can simply check the list before going on a hunt for the right spice.  And, if I use a spice up, I simply mark it off the list.  Or if I add a new one, I write the name at the bottom of the list.

Yes, it requires a little upkeep from time to time, but it's not that bad.  Save it on your computer, then just add and delete as needed.  It's a lot easier than emptying the cabinet every time!


17 October 2014

Fall Funzies

It's Fall!  And...we've actually had more than two days of beautiful Fall weather.  It's super exciting since we usually seem to transition directly from summer into winter.

Additional bonus to the coming of is in full swing and the weather is perfect for tailgating and cheering on your favorite team.  (Please note, the cake below is not my favorite team.  If you've been reading the blog for any length of time you know I cheer for the Pokes.)


This cake's final destination was in Clinton.  That's just a piece down the road, but happy to report it arrived with no mishaps and the client was exceptionally pleased with it.  *happy dance*

14 October 2014

Ingredient Substitution: Shallots

My local grocery stores (all two of them) never seem to have shallots on hand.  Oh, occasionally, I might see them on the shelf, but that's always when I don't have a need for them.  Isn't that always the way?

Luckily, red onions make a suitable substitute for shallots, and I can always find those.  The substitution?  

Use half (1/2) of a small red onion for every large shallot.


06 October 2014

"P" is for Pie

Looking for a fun, easy way to dress up the top of baked pies, say for instance, a pumpkin pie?

Try using cookie cutters to cut out shapes and/or letters from a round of dough.  (Maybe the word "PIE" or a pumpkin shape for example.)

Put the cutouts on a baking sheet, brush with egg wash, sprinkle with sugar, then bake at 350°F until golden, approximately 10 to 15 minutes.  (Feel free to bake these while the pie is baking!)  Place the baked cut-outs on the finished pie after it cools.

You can make cutouts with just about any kind of cookie cutter and can then use them on just about single crust pie.  Get creative!


03 October 2014

Army Battle

My nephew's birthday was a few weeks ago, and as is tradition, I made him a cake.

He started giving me details about the cake back in August.  His original plans included:

  • A rectangle cake that was half brown, half green
  • Bunkers
  • Army men made from Rice Krispy treats, one of which had to be throwing a grenade
  • A landing strip
  • Helicopters
  • Tanks
  • MUST be chocolate (His exact words when I asked him what flavor of cake..."umm...duh, chocolate.)
I vetoed the krispy treat soldiers immediately.  He didn't mind though, since I told him he could keep any extra army men toys I didn't use on the cake.

01 October 2014

Sweet & Simple

Fancy, intricate cakes and confections are always challenging and entertaining to plan and execute - not to mention they get plenty of "oohs" and "aahs" upon delivery.

But...there's something to be said for simple creations as well.  For one, you don't have to worry or feel bad about eating the "work of art."