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29 September 2016

July Photo Dump

Because why not make it a trifecta?

And, sometimes I think people just want to see the pictures anyway, not "hear" anything about the pictures.

And, sometimes I aim to please, so photos, photos, and more photos it is today.

24 August 2016

June Photo Dump

Yep!  I'm going that route again today.

But, I'm now only 2 months behind, so I'm gaining, right?

Enjoy these goodies from June 2016!

10 August 2016

May Photo Dump

Sooo...I'm VERY behind in posting photos...

My solution?  Post lots of photos and few words - maybe I'll get caught up one of these days.

Hope you enjoy these goodies from May 2016!

22 June 2016

The Slacker Files - April 2016

Helloooooo?  Is there anyone out there?

I've been crazy busy and haven't been posting much at all lately, so today I've got all the goodies from the month of April 2016 for you.

Lots of looksies today; I won't bother you with many, if any, details.  Here we go...

29 April 2016

It's Not May Yet

I've still got a full 24 hours + before May slides in.

And, you're asking, why does that matter?  Because I am trying to prevent myself from getting more than a month behind on posting cakes and such here on the blog...and I'm just coming in under the wire for the March postings.

Yes, the cakes, cookies, and other goodies to follow are from March.  But, hey, at least they are here.

10 March 2016


I know, I know...I don't/haven't been posting near often enough.  But, I'll be honest - there's life to lived away from the computer and that comes first, so I don't know that I foresee the post frequency picking up anytime soon.  But, hey, at least I'm still posting some, right?

Want to see the February goodies?

08 February 2016

Just January

Happy 2016!  Has the new year been treating you right so far?  I hope so and may it continue to throughout the year.

Although I took a break from caking during January, I still had a few orders to fill that were booked previous to my decision to take a vacation.  Here's those lucky few.

07 January 2016

December Sugar Rush

Happy 2016!  How are your resolutions holding up?  Going well, I hope.

Let's get down to it - we'll start off with Christmas goodies!

Cookies! 60 dozen this year.  Not quite a record, but still plenty for my liking.