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28 April 2015

Solid Sugar

Ever had brown sugar turn into a rock hard lump in the pantry?  If so, try one of these tricks for softening it back up.
  • Put the brown sugar in a microwaveable bowl, cover it with a damp paper towel and microwave it in 20 second intervals until the sugar softens.
  • Wrap the brown sugar tightly in aluminum foil and bake at 250°F for 10 to 15 minutes.  Transfer it to a bowl and use a fork to mash/break up any clumps.
  • Seal the brown sugar in a plastic bag with a piece of bread for a few hours.  The bread's moisture will hydrate the sugar without turning it soggy.
The best option?  If time allows, go with the bread - it will give you the softest, fluffiest results.


21 April 2015

What's that White Stuff on my Salmon?

Ever cooked salmon and noticed some unappetizing chunky white stuff oozing out of the fish?  If so, don't worry, it won't harm you and it often will appear on even the most perfectly cooked fish, but there are ways to minimize it.

First off, what is that white stuff?  It's albumin - a protein that is pushed out of the fish and gathers on it's surface as it cooks.

To minimize albumin forming, be sure to not overcook the fish!  The more overcooked the salmon is the more albumin you'll have form.  Glazing or brining will also help minimize albumin from forming.


14 April 2015

Cold Pizza?

Cold, leftover pizza - makes a perfect breakfast, right?  I've personally never thought so, but each their own; I much prefer my leftover pizza for dinner the next night and warmed through.  The microwave works in a pinch, but next time try this:
  • Wrap the leftover slice(s) in aluminum foil rather than stuffing them in a plastic storage bag.
  • When you're ready to partake of the leftovers, preheat the oven to 500°F, toss the foil pizza packets in and let them heat for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Yes, it takes longer than using the microwave, but the result - piping hot pizza with crust that's still crispy, not soggy - is worth it.  Plus you can use those extra minutes to whip up a salad or fold a load of laundry or read another chapter in that amazing book.

13 April 2015

Spring Has Sprung

And it seems that my to do list grew exponentially with the coming of the new season.  I'm not sure how that really works - except I now want to plant flowers and need to mow the lawn, do some spring cleaning...oh, and bake.  It will be wedding and graduation season just around the corner.

But, for now, best to try to find time to enjoy the butterflies and early spring blooms.


07 April 2015

Whiskey or Whisky?

Ever wonder why some whiskey brands are spelling "whiskey" and some are spelled "whisky?"  The different spellings give a hint as to the spirit's origin - "ey" whiskeys are made in the United States and Ireland, "y" whiskys are made in the UK and Canada.