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25 November 2014

Baking With Dark Pans

If you use metal pans to do your baking, opt for light colored ones when possible.  If your only option is a dark colored metal, reduce the baking temperature by 25°F and keep an eye on the time - your dish will cook (and brown) much more quickly.


18 November 2014

Fluffier Mash

Planning to make mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving?  Keep in mind that the drier the potato, the fluffier the mash will be.

Try this for fluffier mashed taters:  once the potatoes are cooked and drained, put them back in the pot, cover, and let them dry for about 2 minutes, drain off any additional excess liquid, then mash as you normally would.

A good variety for mashed potatoes?  Yukon Golds.  They have a buttery flavor, low moisture content, and absorb warm milk or butter easily.  Don't forget to add a little salt.


12 November 2014

Because I Know You Love It

Love what you ask?  Those moments when I share failed baking experiments on the blog.  Don't worry, I get a kick out of them, too.  At least after the initial anger at the fact the recipe didn't work out subsides, then I have a good chuckle, tell myself "never again" for that recipe and onward we go.

Well, today, I have a Halloween goodie "fail" for you.  Yes, I know Halloween was a couple of weeks ago, but I'm behind schedule.  It's all good, you'll still enjoy it.

Here's what it was supposed to look like:

By Happy Food Healthy Life,
click here for the instructions.

11 November 2014

Perk Up

Did you know you can revive a rubbery carrot by cutting a piece off the end and placing the trimmed side in cold/cool water?  Within a few hours, it'll be snappy enough to eat!


10 November 2014

Clansperson Commissioning

It's tradition that for their birthdays, my immediate family members (Madre, sisters, nieces, nephews, etc) get a cake or other confection of their choosing from me in lieu of a wrapped gift.  They get to choose the flavor and suggest a theme, then from there I get to design to my desire.

Several of my nieces have birthdays that fall in quick succession, so we celebrated their birthdays with one large party this year.  Their choices this year:  animal print, Frozen, and a toad.'s the spice of life.

04 November 2014

What's the Difference? Onions

The onion family is a pretty big bunch.  No matter which you choose, look for ones that feel heavy and firm with little odor before peeling.  Also, regardless of variety, they can be stored for several weeks in a cool, dark pantry or cupboard.

So, which variety should you choose?
  • Yellow Onions - the all-purpose, workhorse onion.  You can use these in just about any recipe calling for onions.  Keep in mind that they tend to become sweeter as they cook.  Spanish onions, a type of yellow onion, are slightly sweeter and more delicate.
  • Red Onions - aka purple onions.  These have a strong bite that is perfect for salads and sandwiches.  To reduce their bite, try soaking in ice water for 20 minutes before serving.
  • White Onions - another good all-purpose onion.  Though white onions do tend to have a sharper flavor; they are also more tender with a thinner skin.  You can typically use white onions in any recipe calling for yellow onions.
  • Sweet Onions - these lack the sharp flavor of other onions and can range from white to yellow in color.  Vidalia and Bermuda are popular varieties.  This variety tends to be more perishable than the others, so use them within a few days of purchase or store in the fridge to extend their shelf life.