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10 July 2012

A Moment of Silence

Won't you join me in one?  Why?  Because my KitchenAid hand mixer officially gave up the ghost this past week.

Oh, I was just an appliance.  But, you have to understand, this particular appliance was my very first mixer!  It's been with me for years, and has served faithfully throughout.  True, I was probably harder on it than I should have been, but it always rose to the occasion.  So, please, just a moment...

While we reflect on the loss of my hand mixer, how about a look a some of the last few cakes and cupcakes it helped create?


Cupcakes!  Yep, those are "Good & Plenty" licorice candies serving as decorations for some of the cupcakes.  I had thought they were purple and white (don't know where I got that crazy idea) so imagine my surprise when I opened the box and they were pink and white instead.  They still worked though!


More cupcakes!  These were topped with fondant daisies and royal-icing piped "K" monograms.  I loved the color combination.

P6181503_cew (Front View)

This cake was chock full of personalized elements.  And, while cakes like this require massive amounts of time to bring together, they are some of my favorites.  Everything on this cake was a nod to the recipient in some way...from inside jokes with her co-workers (it was a farewell cake) to her favorite hobbies.  Here's the back side of the cake:

P6181515_cew (Back View)

I think my favorite element was the "cherry cheesecake."  It was made from rice krispies, but looked exceptionally like the real thing.


And, my favorite cartoon character makes a return!  Complete with the burgers, of course.  Scoob was made using a shaped pan (the client had purchased it to make the cake herself, but life intervened), then he was placed on a larger sheet cake in order to yield enough servings for the party.  I had almost forgotten how easy the manufacturer makes decorating one of these cakes look.  Not quite so simple in real life...and I even sort of know what I'm doing!

Talk to you soon!
Oh, a replacement for my defunct mixer?  I acquired one, but am not impressed.  It isn't KitchenAid brand, so to be fair perhaps I'm comparing apples to oranges, but all the's always so hard to live up to the original isn't it?

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