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29 April 2016

It's Not May Yet

I've still got a full 24 hours + before May slides in.

And, you're asking, why does that matter?  Because I am trying to prevent myself from getting more than a month behind on posting cakes and such here on the blog...and I'm just coming in under the wire for the March postings.

Yes, the cakes, cookies, and other goodies to follow are from March.  But, hey, at least they are here.


Do you have ANY idea how hard it is to find chipmunk and chipette figurines?  It's difficult, I assure you.


The design request from the birthday boy for this cake:  a robber and two cops.  Check, check, and check!


This was for a surprise birthday.  My first attempt at colorful, drippy ganache.  So fun!



Easter came early this year, but the Peeps still arrived.



Cake balls and mini cupcakes for an Easter tea.


Is it football season yet?


Sprinkles make everything better, right?


Mrs. Mouse in purple.  Whatever happened to red?

And, last, but not finally happened.  And admittedly, I'm surprised it's taken this long...


A snuff can.  Must admit, this reminded me a lot of my Dad; he would have gotten a kick out this design.

Until next time!

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