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26 January 2017

I Am So Far Behind

These photos are from August...of 2016.  Yep, I am behind.  So far behind.

But, on a positive note, that must mean that I've been super busy with other things.

Yep, that's what I'm going with; been busy...busy, busy, busy.

Anywho, August!


This next cake might offend a few - it's what might be considered a "naughty" cake, so, if you'd like to see it, you can click HERE.  If you'd rather not, just keep scrolling.

(If you get offended or your other feelings or "sensibilities" hurt, you can't say I didn't caution you.)





Smash cake that accompanied the cake above.




I hope to get caught up on posting past creations in the next few weeks.  (I know, I know...hope springs eternal.)  I may post lots of photos or just one or two here and there; anything to keep forward progess.

Be back soon!

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