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13 April 2011

Boots and Bare Feet

Just a couple of cakes to share with you today, dear readers.  I absolutely adore both of them - although they couldn't be more different.  Hope you enjoy them too!

Boots, bandannas, belts, and buckles...all the trappings of a cowpoke, even if he is only 3 years old!  This was my first attempt at making cowboy boots and a belt buckle from gumpaste.  I'm pleased with the buckle, but as always due to my desire for perfection, the boots could use a little spit and polish.


Bare feet and toes in the sand.  Hula girls and hibiscus flowers.  Sounds like a dream vacation to a tropical destination, doesn't it?  And while that would be lovely, unfortunately, that's not in the plans today (though check back with me in a couple of months).  But as a consolation, here's a playful beach themed 1st birthday cake that may have you dreaming of footprints in the sand and warm azul waters in no time at all.


Anyone up for a frozen concoction to help us hang on?  *wink, wink*

Until next week,

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