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07 February 2013

A Sail by the Sea

You're already dreaming about white sand beaches and frozen cocktails with umbrellas, aren't you?  This cake can maybe provide some additional inspiration for adding to your simulated vacay.


And, now you're probably thinking these goodies were for a baby shower or a boy's birthday.  If so, sorry, but they weren't.  They were actually for my niece's 18th birthday...I'm guessing she's like so many of us and needs a warm weather vacation, too, hence the theme for the cake.  Oh, and the cake was a marble of red velvet and chocolate cake; I'm christening it "The Velvet Devil" and adding to the available flavor list.  Yay!

My favorite (or at least one of my favorite) cowboys put in an appearance this week, too.


Is it college football season yet?  Basketball helps tide me over, but let's be honest - the first love is football.

Talk to you soon!

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