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10 November 2014

Clansperson Commissioning

It's tradition that for their birthdays, my immediate family members (Madre, sisters, nieces, nephews, etc) get a cake or other confection of their choosing from me in lieu of a wrapped gift.  They get to choose the flavor and suggest a theme, then from there I get to design to my desire.

Several of my nieces have birthdays that fall in quick succession, so we celebrated their birthdays with one large party this year.  Their choices this year:  animal print, Frozen, and a toad.'s the spice of life.

Here's what I came up with:

Animal print.


Frozen - specifically the royal ladies.


Toad with fly.


Aside from the creations for my nieces, there have been several other creations on tap.  For instance, this horsey number.


Complete with smash cake and cookies.



This baseball themed beauty (no, you're not imagining things, I've done a version of this cake with a white jersey).


And, if you're tired of my creations, how about a some cookies and a cake done by some young apprentices?  (You can click on the photo for a larger version.)  I'm seriously considering offering some these cookie decorators sous chef positions for Christmas cookie season - their creativity is astounding!


Yes, I mentioned Christmas cookies - it is that time of year!  Talk to you soon!

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