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26 May 2015

Gleaming Grill Grates

The unofficial start of summer was yesterday - that also means the start of grilling season!  Did you use your grill yesterday?  If so, did you clean the grates?

Some tips when cleaning your grill grates:
  • Use a ball of aluminum foil after grilling to help loosen any larger food pieces that may have stuck to the grates.
  • While the grill is pre-heating, use a grill brick or wire brush to scrub the grates and further loosen any particles that might have been left behind from the previous cooking.
  • If desired, oil your grates during the pre-heating stage.
  • Blackened grill grates are actually a good thing (even though you may want to have shiny metal ones) - that baked on black coating protects the grates seasoning between grilling sessions and helps prevent rust.

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