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28 May 2015

#TBT's ThrowBack Thursday on the blog today.

And, while we won't be going too far back, the cakes, cupcakes, and other goodies on today's post will all be from April.

Not April of some past year, but April of this year.  (See I told you we weren't going way back...if we do that it'll be on a Wednesday so we can #WBW).

Yes, I've been slacking on posting photos of the creations, but in my defense, May is a SUPER busy month for me, as I'm sure it is for you as well.  Speaking of May, suppose I ought to start working on photos and a post or two for that as well.  Just don't hold your breath, it will be well into June before we get to that point...

Let's get started with our stroll back through April, shall we?

April 1 - a muddy Jeep themed birthday cake and rainbow cupcakes.  Not for the same clients.  And those rainbow candies are surprisingly delicious...either that or I was just craving sweets that day.



April 3 - eight dozen mini cupcakes and eight dozen cake balls for an Easter tea + a farm equipment themed birthday cake.




April 4 - a pretty in pink birthday cake.  The client added a tiara as the topper after delivery - every birthday girl needs her bling after all!


April 7 - an orange and blue 40th birthday cake.


April 8 - a fruit pizza and a whitetail.  The fruit pizza is's got fresh fruit after all!  Let's just ignore the fact it's on a sugar cookie crust with cream cheese "sauce."



April 9 - a 44th Anniversary cake; ordered by the husband well ahead of the day of their anniversary and in his wife's favorite cake flavor.  Gentlemen, take note!


April 10 - fire and ice themed cupcakes for prom.


April 16 - a well loved grumpy old lady, edible roses (with cake!), and pretty mint green with sprinkles.  Everybody loves sprinkles, right?




April 17 - goodies for a 1st birthday party!  A white rosette smash cake, two flavors of cake pops, and two styles of cookies = lots of sweets for a sweet one year old.





April 18 - a stunning turquoise and black wedding cake and a barbell plate for the groom.  (The photo doesn't really do this cake justice...but then I've lamented the lack of good lighting at reception halls before...)



April 24 - floral cupcakes.  The buttercream is green, but it was flavored orange.  Bet you would've never guessed that!


April 25 - Suess inspired cupcakes (can you guess which book?) and a pigskin themed cake. I want it to be football season...



That's all for April, folks!  It was a long post today, apologies for that.  I'll try to better about posting more regularly.

Talk to you soon!

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