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06 October 2015

What's the Difference - Cobbler vs Crumble vs Crisp?

'Tis the season for cobblers and crumbles and crisps!  But, what's the difference?

  • In cobbler the biscuits atop this fruity fave resemble cobblestones, which is how this dessert is presumed to have gotten it's name.
  • In a crumble the fruit filling is topped with a crumbly streusel made from flour, sugar, and butter.
  • In a crisp, which is often confused with the crumble, the streusel topping is made crunchy with nuts or oats.
A couple of bonuses:
  • A pandowdy is much like a cobbler; it's fruit topping is topped with pie crust or biscuit dough, but the pandowdy's surface is often arranged in a patchwork pattern.
  • A grunt (aka slump) is a cobbler that's cooked, covered, on the stovetop instead of in the oven.  The funny name is a reference to the noise that comes out of the pot while it cooks.
  • A brown Betty is a dish made of layered buttered breadcrumbs with sliced apples or other fruit that is baked until browned.
  • A buckle reverses the order of the fruit and batter - the batter is the base and the fruit is the topping.  When baked, the base bubbles and buckles up around the juicy fruit piled on top.

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