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30 September 2015

September Splendor

Okay, okay.  Referring to the creations I made this past month as "splendor" might come across as a bit braggy and I realize this.  Which is exactly why I'm not necessarily referring to them as such.  I chose "splendor" in the post title for two reasons:

  1. I wanted something that kinda, sorta rhymed with September (and come on bonus points for the use of alliteration.)
  2. It's an excellent word to refer to the changing season, namely that the leaves are just starting to turn and the air is getting that fall feel to it.
So, there's that long winded explanation.  Oh, and speaking of fall, how about a few of my favorite things about this season?

1.  Wheat planting is under way, though we could sure use some rain!


2.  The weather is starting to turn a bit cooler.  I've had a few mornings when I've had to break out a light jacket already.


3.  Boots.  Yes, I wear boots year round, especially of the cowboy variety, but now 'tis the season in earnest to break out some of the others.


4.  Sweaters and cardigans.  Being cold-natured I typically wear hoodies and sweatshirts year round, but sweaters in summer garner you some strange looks, so I reserve most my sweater wearing to the cooler months.  You're welcome.


5.  Mums! (And, no I am not referring to homecoming mums in any way; I refer to the actual plant.)


6.  Leaves that are just beginning to change color; it'll be a bit yet before they change and fall in earnest, that is if the winds don't dislodge them early.


7.  Pumpkins.  And, yes, I do still enjoy a visit to the pumpkin patch in search of the perfect one or twelve.


8.  Apples.  I love, love the variety of apples that are available in the fall.  So many to enjoy, so little time.


9.  Starbucks fall drinks.  I admit I'm not a huge fan of the PSL, but I do enjoy the salted caramel mocha and am ready to give the toasted graham latte a try next time I visit.


10.  Speaking of caramel - I love caramel and while it's excellent year round, fall lends itself to making numerous caramel inspired and flavored dishes.


11.  That moment between turning off the AC and switching on the heat; lower electric bill here I come!


12.  Opening up the windows to enjoy the breeze and fall air.  Ah, bliss!


13.  Extra blankets.  Because you can't officially put ALL the blankets on the bed, still too much temperature fluctuation.


14.  Football!  (Bet you've been wondering when I'll get to that one, huh?)  Go Pokes!


15.  Beginning my Christmas shopping.  And, yes, I have started.


There you have it, some of my favorite things about fall, which officially began on the 23rd of this month just in case you were curious.  No this is not a complete list, and yes, I reserve the right to change it at any time.

Oh, and if you're wondering how in the world the list and the photos of the creations were supposed to match up and/or make sense, you can stop.  They weren't and didn't.  Perhaps that's one of the perks of writing my own blog - it doesn't always have to make sense.

Talk to you soon!

P.S.  There's only 86 days until Christmas!

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