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18 May 2017


I'm thankful that I don't have HUGE issues go wrong with cakes very often, but it does happen.  This cake was one of those.

The original:

The damage that occurred during transport:


Yeah, not a good day.  Luckily, the client was very understanding and allowed me to make the best repairs I could under the circumstances (I didn't have any extra icing, no cake tools, I was at my "real" job so couldn't just run home to make repairs).

Version 2:


Even though it wasn't exactly what was imagined/ordered, at least it worked out so they still had cake.  And it still tasted good!  I'm still not sure what caused the rosettes to peel off the cake - too much weight, temperature changes, etc.  I do wish I knew for certain as I've got a wedding cake coming up that has a similar rosette design, so say a little prayer that that one will hold together.

And now, how about some other goodies that DID hold together through delivery!


Yep, I jumped on the Russian piping tip train.  I think they have a lot of potential, but my icing in this case my have been a bit soft - I didn't get the definition I was hoping for in the flowers.

Some Easter themed birthday goodies:





And more birthdays and babies:





That's all the April goodies!  I'm deep into trying to survive graduation and everything else life is throwing at me right now (May this year has not been especially kind to me thus far), but I'll talk to you soon.  Ta-ta for now!

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