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29 December 2010


Just to make things perfectly clear, I'm the slacker, not you.  See, I started this blog in order to share my cakes and baking adventures with you in a timely manner, but in retrospect perhaps I shouldn't have started a blog in December...a month that could easily be classified as one of the busiest months of the year!  But, today I plan to remedy my slacker-ness by giving you my December dessert and cake creations (with a few exceptions) all in one post.  So without further ado...

Ahem...drumroll please...

Two coffee themed cakes for family members.  Everything on both cakes is edible...assuming you like to crunch on whole coffee beans!


A fun chalkboard/school themed cake for a recent Elementary Education graduate.  Everything is hand-sculpted and edible.


My first giant cookie creations! Made for a client's son who loves the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Minnesota Vikings.  Nothing makes a chocolate chip cookie better than buttercream icing, right?


Baseball cap in the birthday honoree's favorite color and brand.  Many people attending the party didn't realize that the cake wasn't a real hat!  Luckily no one tossed anything on top of it while it was sitting on the counter...


And finally, the desserts I made for Christmas dinner.  After I lined them up for the photo, I realized that my dessert selections this year were very "brown"; my family didn't seem to mind though!  They dove straight into the apple crisp pie, chocolate fudge pie, and dulce de leche cheesecake, while the younger kids throughly enjoyed the melted snowman cookies.


P.S. I realize "slacker-ness" is not a word, but it seemed fitting.  =)

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