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23 February 2011

3 C's

It's been a fun, variety-filled, and stressful week in my kitchen.  We'll talk about Part I today - the fun, variety-filled part.  Come back tomorrow for Part 2 - the stressful (but still fun!) part.  Truth of the matter is, I'm just not ready to re-hash Part 2 and besides, I want to see if you're curious enough to come back for two posts in as many days!

C #1 - a Cake


Of course it's a cake...did you really expect any less?  This cake was for a baby shower, and was designed loosely around the invitations.  With it being for a baby girl, I had to include pink ribbon roses.  And no, the bottom tier is not supposed to look like a cow's hide...the black fondant pieces are actually embossed with a floral/damask motif...though unfortunately it's somewhat hard to see in the photo.

C #2 - a Cookie


A giant sugar cookie decorated with vanilla bean buttercream.  This was actually an accompaniment to Part 2...don't forget to come back tomorrow to find out what it was. *wink wink*

C #3 - a Confection


Cheesecake brownies with homemade raspberry sauce.  Ooo...they were so good!

See you tomorrow!

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