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24 February 2011

Learning Curve

Ever have a new and difficult task staring you in the face?  You of those tasks that's like a huge monolith looming over stresses you out* and brings out your inner procrastinator, even though you know you can conquer it.  I had a task like that this past week...

Of course, I did everything I could think of to prepare.  I researched for hours - tried to find as many tips and helpful hints as possible, read article after article, studied photo after photo, scaled drawings, made templates...and in the end, completed the task with decent results (though I still felt I fell a little short, it's the perfectionist in me!).  Here's the end result:

DSC04662_cropped's a car, an SUV to be more exact, made out of cake and ENTIRELY edible.  Obviously, there's room for improvement, but as I quickly found out, the learning curve for these things is steep, steeper than even my hours of pre-planning could overcome, so I'm proud of my first ever effort.  One of these days, if I don't forget, I'll post the photos I took while this cake progressed from rectangular slabs to finished's rather interesting to see.  I might even share some helpful hints if any of you out there want to conquer your own car cake monolith! 

*I'd like to thank all those who had to endure my stressed out state this past week.  I appreciate your patience with me!  Next time it won't be so bad...promise.  Well, hopefully!

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