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17 November 2011

Birthdays, Baby Showers, & Boone

Boone Pickens Stadium that is.  Remember, last time I posted cakes I mentioned I was going to attempt OSU themed cake pops?  Well, here they are:


I was pleased they survived the road trip (turns out we have some very ROUGH roads here in Oklahoma...surprise, surprise); they were a big hit at the tailgate.  And I learned that football shaped cake pops are not nearly as easy to make as I initially thought...but the less then perfect appearance is easily forgiven when there's chocolate cake inside!

The birthday cake below was rough iced with yellow buttercream and included a hand cut monogram and fantasy flower detail.  The yellow icing wasn't quite as bright as it appears in the picture, it was actually quite a bit more pastel.


The second birthday cake from last week; however, really was as bright as it appears.  I was told the birthday gal loves baby blue and daisies, so this cake was a fairly easy one to design.  The colors are a great, cheery combination!  The cake was mostly buttercream, only the daisy petals were made from fondant.


And, lastly, this adorable baby shower cake.  The design was taken from the invitation, and is made from fondant pieces.  Each color was cut to shape, then the pieces were fit together like a puzzle; then I painted on the eyes, noses, and mouths using a little bit of black food coloring.


I'm busy planning desserts and other yummy goodness for Thanksgiving next week.  The only problem is that I have more recipes I want to make than our guests could possibly eat...cheesecakes, fruit, custard, and cream pies, cookies, brownies, and bars, homemade breads, pastas and potato dishes, layered salads and delicious dips, vegetable and fruit sides...I suppose I need to pick just a few, and save the others for a different time.  There is always Christmas...or I could just find a few willing folks to sample the recipe of the week, whatever it may be, for the next year or so.  Hmm, there's an idea...any volunteers?

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