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03 November 2011

The Great Pumpkin of 2011

Don't worry I have cake goodies to share with you today as well.  But, first, the great pumpkin of 2011!!


Isn't it just gorgeous! Hehe!  I opted to go with a less Halloween-ish theme since I didn't get around to carving it until October 31st.  This way I can keep the candle burning well into November - or at least until the pumpkin gets too withered to continue residing on my porch...

Since Halloween fell on a Monday this year, a lot of the Halloween celebrations took place the previous weekend.  And, I, of course, couldn't slip by without contributing some kind of edible goodness.  How would you have liked to receive one of these boxes?


Despite the warning label, there weren't any tricks, just treats inside.  (K picked up these boxes for me awhile back.  Aren't they great fun?)  So what was in the boxes?  Well...


Cake eyeballs! My niece and nephew found them to be "cool," though I have a suspicion that some of the other box recipients may have been slightly turned off by the red velvet cake inside.  Perhaps that wasn't the best choice of cake color...nah, who am I trying to kid, it was perfect!

I didn't just make fun treats for the family and friends, I also got to make this fun Halloween themed birthday cake.


The pumpkin topper was made from rice krispy treats.  And the candy corn and mini pumpkins were actually candy corn candies.  And, as a bonus, I got to eat the leftover candy! (Not that I needed to, but I did anyway.)

Of course, not everything was pumpkin, ghost, or goblin themed this past week.  I created several other pieces, including these cake pops:


I'm happy to say that my cake pop making has improved.  I've made several adjustments, including adding some new "tools" to the process and have been happy with the results.  (Hopefully, I don't end up eating these words when I try to make Oklahoma State University cake pops later this week!)

This birthday cake for one of my nieces:


This design was fairly simple, but it was a bit of last minute decision to have her party this past weekend.  Luckily, she's a big fan of Dora, The Explorer, and I just happened to have the candle in my supplies!

This gift box cake for a 50th birthday:


The bow, ribbons, and lettering were fondant, but the leopard print pattern was all buttercream.  The cake was iced in white buttercream, then the spots were added using brown and black buttercream, then I airbrushed over everything (prior to adding the other decorations) with a light bronze sheen.

And, finally, the piece de resistance:


This wedding cake was a stressful, nail-biting (proverbially speaking) affair for me, but I have to say, it may well be my favorite wedding cake I've done to date.  The cake was iced in white vanilla buttercream, then each layer was decorated with a hand piped design; the hydrangeas were artificial blooms provided by the bride.  So the decoration/design itself wasn't what had me was the construction.  Let me explain - those small cakes at the base are actually sitting around a Styrofoam block.  And that Styrofoam block was the support for the upper three tiers of cake!  And, to make things even more interesting, the tiers weren't stacked directly on one another, there was approximately 3 inches of space between each tier to accommodate the flowers.  Stressful?  You bet.  Beautiful?  Absolutely!!


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