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15 February 2012

Feelin' Green

It rarely happens that I have orders for cakes in the same color scheme in the space of a few days, but this week was an exception - two cake orders, both using lime green, pink and black.

There was this purse cake:


Complete with pearls, a cuff bracelet, and "diamond" earrings.  The cake was covered in fondant; all the jewelry and additional accessories were made from gumpaste.

And this zebra-striped and "accessorized" cake:


Sunglasses, nail polish, lipstick, a purse, and feathers...what more could a girl need?!  This cake was buttercream with the lime green overlays done in fondant.  I had originally planned to add the zebra stripes using additional fondant, but decided at the last minute to paint them onto the buttercream instead.  All the accessories were made from gumpaste, with the exception of the purse.  It was molded from rice krispies and had a black licorice handle.  (Speaking of molding things from rice krispies, wish me luck on my project for next will be my largest "krispy" object to date, and I'm nervous about it for several reasons!)

Aside from the cakes, I also was given the opportunity to create this cupcake buffet for the local "Women in Agriculture" conference.  It included five cupcake flavor combinations, and considering that within the space of about 2 hours nearly all 6 dozen were gone, I'd say they went over extremely well.


And, I would be remiss if I didn't share some Valentine's themed baking with you, since the "day of love" was earlier this week.  So, how about some decorated sugar cookies?  The first Valentine's Day themed ones I've ever created, in fact!


I think my favorite designs were the "XO" cookies and the lovebirds...

Talk to you soon!
P.S.  I apologize for some of the less than stellar photos in this post.  I'm seriously considering getting a "big girl" camera soon, if I can only decide which one I want.  Of course, an improved camera will only help so much...there's not much you can do when it's 2 AM and there's no natural light to be found...

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  1. If we lived closer I would definitely consider going halfsies on a documentation studio. :)