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02 February 2012

Let's Get Fancy!

I continued my educational foray into "new" children's characters this past week.  (And by "new" I mean characters that I don't remember from my childhood or characters that have been updated so much that they are hardly recognizable next to their former counterparts...such as this one and this one.)

Anywho, the character this week really is a new one - her name's Nancy, and she's fancy, and she loves to use big words, so she's a character after my own heart!  Of course, a cake designed around the book series had to be just as splendiferous - with feathers, jewelry, sunglasses, and, of course, a crown.


The crown was made from gumpaste.  I considered using royal icing, but had read too many horror stories about royal icing crowns breaking into a million little pieces...I needed something stronger, so gumpaste it was.  Not to shabby for a first effort, eh?


There were also these fun cupcakes to match the cake.  This one is the dark pink/chocolate cake version, but there was also a light pink/white cake version.  And, yes, the "jewel" and butterfly were edible!


And every fancy party should include purses and shoes!  Oh, and don't forget a few more crowns and a wand or two.  All cookie versions, of course, so no need to try to find space for them in your closet!


Not everything I created this past week was full of glitz and glitter though.  
There was this wildcat cake:


It was filled with tequila lime buttercream, and with the exception of the logo and inscription, was all buttercream.

And this Bieber fever mp3 player cake:


The "screen" on the player is an edible image.  Sometimes you just have to concede that your best hand drawn effort won't measure up to the look of a pre-printed one...but the headphones and mp3 player are both made from gumpaste and made by yours truly, so I suppose I redeemed myself somewhat.

And, last, a few more birthday themed sugar cookies:


In a few different shapes and designs than the previous ones from last week.  And, yes, I did add the ice cream cone cutter to my collection...but just look how fun it is!  How could I resist?  

Now, about the storage of all those cookie cutters, does anyone have any good ideas to suggest?  I need something that doesn't take up much space...

Are you planning to watch the super game this coming weekend?  I am, though more for the commercials than anything.  Oh, and we won't be having pizza, it'll be homemade chicken fried steaks instead.  Now, that's real football food!

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