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20 September 2012

I've Got a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts

No, not those coconuts.  I mean, I have those coconuts, obviously, but we are not discussing them today.  Or any day for that matter.  Moving on!

I mean the tropical fruit known as the coconut.  See, there's a bunch hanging from the tree on this hula themed cake...


See them?  Right there?  Good!

I've also got a lovely passel of polka dots.


And a lovely band of bows,
(Polka dots here, too!)


Plus, a lovely heap of harlequin pattern inspired triangles,
(Bows here, too!)


Also, don't forget, a lovely covey of cupcakes.


Not done quite yet though!  I've also got a lovely mess of monster trucks.


And, the final piece...a lovely bouquet of blooms and a lovely lot of ladybugs.


Don't you just adore posts that increase your vocabulary while also making you drool?

You did realize I was using synonyms for "bunch," right?  If so, you aced the test!  Not that there was one...but you get the idea.

Talk to you soon!

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