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09 August 2013

Blink of an Eye

Umm...where did July go? No, calendar says it's August 9, how did that happen?. I was busy in July, had plenty going on, made some good memories, but I've been seriously slacking when it comes to blogging.  I haven't posted photos of any goodies in weeks, which according to one source, is BORING. I think I should get points for keeping up with the Tasty Tip Tuesday posts though, right?

*crickets chirping*

Hmm...maybe not. But, I bet you've guessed where this is leading - yep, to one of my marathon posts.  Though in all fairness it's really not a marathon, only about 9.3 miles or 15K, so not even a half marathon, rather short really...

Hope you're hydrated, we're about to get started. And, yes, all the following creations are from July (translation, I'm still behind, but closing the gap).  *big smile*

Starting Line - we're off like a herd of turtles with this festive coconut cake I made for the 4th of July.


Coming up on 1K, still feeling pretty good, maybe a little like a princess?


2K marker - sun is starting to really shine, hope you remembered your sunscreen.


There's the local gymnasium at the 3K mark, looks like the team is playing some off-season basketball.


Sun's still shining, birds are are you feeling after 4K?


3.1 mile mark! You completed 5K...did it feel like a run for the roses?  There's a few more miles yet to go, let's push on.


There's an aid station up ahead at the 6K point, looks like they might have a cozy quilt if you're feeling chilled.


7K - headed into the woods for a little trail running, hope you opted for neon colored running gear today.


A little over halfway there now, 8K is getting near. Maybe it's time to fuel up....did you bring gels along? If not, how about a cake ball? Highly portable and in a variety of flavors!




9K, officially past the halfway point. One more chance to fuel up with a cake ball or two, it could make the difference between a fading finish and a strong sprint at the end...



Guess what? You've reached 6.2 miles, 10K. Excellent job! Are you dreaming of lots of yummy, "bad for you" foods yet? Like maybe this dairy free chocolate cream pie with coconut whipped cream?


Or maybe you're more the type to daydream about warm sandy beaches, frosty drinks, toes in the sand, and leis.  Oh, look! We made 11K.


No time to stop and smell the flowers, you've found the 12K mark, time to finish strong!



13K. Are you digging deep in your reserves to find the energy to finish? Maybe this character has something useful in her backpack that could help you out.


You're at 14K.  This is no time to let your mind wander far afield, stay focused!


Here's the finish! 15K....congratulations; grab a brew and don't forget to stretch!



Whew! I'm exhausted; thanks for going the distance with me today.

Talk to you soon!  (Hopefully.)

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