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15 August 2013

Eat 'Em Up

Alligator, 'em 'em up!  Did you ever do this chant at a sporting event in high school?  We did at basketball games in particular.  And the entire time I was making this cake, I just kept having flashbacks.  Ah, the memories.


This alligator wasn't eating anyone though.  In fact, I'd say the tables got turned, and he got eaten instead.  It's a rough life.  Oh, the block in the gator's mouth read "See Ya Later..." just because I know you were curious about that.

As you can probably tell, Mr. Gator up there was for a dentist who was retiring.  And, since there's a new doctor taking over his practice, she got a cake as well.


Both the cakes were buttercream.  And, yes, the gator stressed me out.  I don't think I've been that tied up in knots over a cake in quite awhile.  But, both cakes survived the delivery trip.  Yay!

If you're not into dental themed cakes, maybe you'll enjoy these character/pop culture inspired ones.


Yep...the quack pack is back.  Did you watch the premier last night?  No?  That's okay, I didn't either.

Cartoons, characters, and comics - vintage and new...




Well, that's all for now.  I'm off to continuing prepping for a wedding cake this weekend.  Talk to you soon!

P.S.  Did I mention that the gator and tooth cake made the front page of my local paper? cakes are famous!  Ok, well not really, but they were semi-famous in a small town for a bit.  

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