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15 November 2013

Blast from the Past

I've been visited by animated characters again - three times in the last two weeks.  And...bonus...I actually was familiar with some of the characters and recognized them from the good old days!  (You may be aware of my lack of understanding for the "makeovers" some old, now new again characters have received.  If not, here or here are some examples.)

Anywho, the characters I was re-acquainted with included these mighty mutant turtles:


See! They look pretty much exactly like I remember them from when I was a kid.  Though according to my nephew, who was kind enough to give me an education on the "new" series, there is a plethora of new supporting characters and villains. I was, admittedly, lost within about 5 minutes of his dissertation...oh well.  Design note:  each of those little guys up there was hand-cut and then pieced together with the black detailing draw in with an edible food writer. Hours and hours of work, but they looked good!

The other was this "King" antagonist to those two super brothers:


Even if you don't recognize the character, surely the brick jogs your memory?  Brings back some good times - collect the coins, chase the mushroom or star, maybe gain fireballs if you hadn't been accosted by the ducks - all while talking to the screen cheering your character on.  I was usually the "other" brother, unless I was lucky enough to be home alone - that meant I didn't have to give big sister first character choice.  Design notes: the yellow portions of the brick were airbrushed with gold sheen though you can't tell it very well in the picture.  And, the character?  He's a fairly rare one to find and when you do, he's either itty-bitty or giant, so finding a happy medium is a test in perseverance.

I also encountered my "good" design pattern friend known as chevron again.  This time in a black and white incarnation with bright blue and pink accents.


Oh, and glitter (edible).  Because glitter is sometimes necessary and even warranted.  Though it will haunt you for days afterwards; it leaves a trail's like its marking territory or something.

What about the third character?  Well, for everything old there's something new, and this particular doc falls into the new category.  I admit I knew nothing about this character prior to this cake.  My knowledge is still limited, but the cake turned out adorably, at least to my way of thinking.


No, I did not build Doc and her friends.  I opted for a set of figurines; I know my limits.  Plus the birthday girl got to add to her toy collection.  Perfect solution.

Talk to you soon!

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