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26 November 2013

Clean Cookbooks

Your favorite printed recipes invariably end up with grease spots, dustings of flour, smears of chocolate, splatter and spill stains no matter how hard you try to keep them clean.

If the recipe you are working from is in a cookbook, try slipping the entire book, open to the page you need, inside an extra large clear zipper storage bag.  If the book won't fit in a storage bag, drape it with a piece or two of clear plastic wrap, tucking the edges of the wrap under the book.  A cookbook stand will also help to keep the book up off the counter and less susceptible to spills and splatters.

If you're working with a single page recipe, slip it inside a clear plastic page or report cover.  If you have a space on the wall or cabinet near your work/prep station, consider affixing a clip to hold single page recipes.

Of course, if your recipe is a printable from a digital source (i.e. the Internet, your digital recipe book), you won't need to worry so much about keep the page can just print another!


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