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27 February 2014

Sonic Boom

First up, I didn't know Sonic (the hedgehog, not the franchise) was even still in existence, much less that he was still popular with the kiddos.  Apparently he is though - proof?  This cake:


Turns out, Sonic has been updated over the years (just like EVERY other character I remember from my childhood); he's still recognizable even after his "makeover" though...not at all like some of the female-oriented characters I've encountered after their "updates."  But, that's a soapbox for another time...

The Sonic on the cake was a figurine - no way was I going to attempt to model him by hand!  Everything else was edible, including the gold rings and "6" topper.  (It was well past dark when I took this photo so the colors are a bit off; the yellow tier wasn't that pale in person!)

Second, the boom...or as some of my Sooner-loving associates prefer to say...Boomer!


Yes, that's the schooner...and yes, I allowed it in my kitchen.  (Go Pokes!)

Moving on - how about this yumminess?


A brownie base, a layer of cheesecake, and then top it all off with crushed Twix candy bars and caramel topping.  Sinfully rich.  Sinfully delicious.  Believe me when I say, just a little dab will do ya!

Talk to you soon!

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