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05 August 2014

Squash Smarts

It's squash season!  A few tips to help you choose, keep, and enjoy these fruits of summer:

  • Pick firm, smooth zucchini - the smaller the better.  Larger squash can taste bitter.
  • Store zucchini in a plastic bag in the fridge to prevent them from losing water and becoming rubbery.
  • Chop half an inch off the stem and rounded ends before cooking.
  • Toss chopped, sliced, or grated zucchini with salt to draw out the water, then squeeze dry.  Otherwise they release too much moisture when they cook.
Oh, and don't pass up those squash blossoms either!  They are a tasty addition to soup, salads, or side dishes.  You can even stuff them with cheese then batter and fry them or bake them.


P.S.  Do you like the new Tuesday logo?  It was created by the fabulous Paxton Cavin.  You can see more of her work here.  She also is the creator behind the header art at the top of the blog.

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