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10 September 2014


I see lots of names and plenty of different spellings of the same pronunciation with this little hobby of mine.  And, I live in fear (okay, maybe not FEAR, but constant concern) of misspelling some one's handle.  If you ever order a cake from me, and I verify the spelling 5 or 6 times, just roll with it.  It's what I do.

But, back to the names I encounter.  I see the classics:


The trendy ones.  The difficult to spell ones.  The "I have no idea how you get that pronunciation from that combination of letters" ones.  The less common, don't see them very often, ones.  Names really do run the gamut, but it's always fun to hear new ones.


And, then very rarely, I'll encounter the same name multiple times in the same week.  As was the case with these two birthday girls.



So, what's in a name?  After all, a rose by any other...

Can you finish that quote and/or name the author?  Little trivia for you today!

Talk to you soon!

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