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13 April 2015

Spring Has Sprung

And it seems that my to do list grew exponentially with the coming of the new season.  I'm not sure how that really works - except I now want to plant flowers and need to mow the lawn, do some spring cleaning...oh, and bake.  It will be wedding and graduation season just around the corner.

But, for now, best to try to find time to enjoy the butterflies and early spring blooms.



Note:  those cupcakes up there did NOT turn out at all how I had pictured them...but I discovered too late that they wouldn't fit in the cupcake box with the suckers standing above the cupcake.  They were supposed to be a play on flowers, which I suppose they still are, just not quite as imagined...  But, they can't all be winners, right?  They still tasted good.  And, bonus, you got a sucker as an after dessert treat.

Maybe spot a rainbow after a spring rain shower (fingers crossed we'll start catching a few of those showers that always seem to be east of us!).


There were Care Bear figurines that went with this cake; the client added them after delivery.  I didn't realize Care Bears were back in vogue - I think I may still have a stuffed Care Bear or two in storage.  I bet they are considered vintage and collectible now...

Of course, with spring comes Easter.  Did you know the lamb is one of the most popular Easter symbols throughout the world?


Aside from blooms, spring always brings with it a brightening of the days - pops of colors in gorgeous greens, youthful yellows, beautiful blues, and optimistic oranges.



As spring marches into summer, the cowboys will be coming town for the local "Pioneer Day" celebration.


Oh, and speaking of weddings...can't forget that spring is often bridal shower season.  


Better get your party shoes shined up, it's a busy time of year!  Talk to you soon!

P.S.  Look!  I baked something that wasn't on the official schedule and that I WANTED to bake.  I got to choose, it was an exciting moment for me even if they weren't anything fancy...


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