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26 August 2015

A Splashing Good Time

Labor Day is just around the corner - the unofficial end to summer.  But, let's be honest, summer has already pretty well ended for most of us; school starting back up pretty well takes care of that.

And, I'm rather looking forward to fall; it is one of my favorite times of the year.

But, before we start looking forward too much to crunchy leaves and pumpkin spice everything, how about one last dip in the pool?


Even if it is just your toes in the water, it still counts right?

Or maybe take a swim in the deep blue.


Just be sure to remember your goggles and flippers.


If swimming isn't your summer activity of choice, maybe practice your painting skills.  Splatter painting counts, I hope.


Or do some gardening.  Won't be long before the blooms and produce of summer start to wane...



Or just relax and enjoy some of the bright colors of summer.



And, just a temptation to get you started dreaming of fall - shades of gold, ivory, bronze, and brown.



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