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01 September 2015

Good Eggs

Egg turnover in my refrigerator is seldom a problem with all the baking I do; though occasionally I'll fail to rotate the stock like I should and will find myself down to the last eggs in the fridge with a well past "Sell By" date.

Turns out I can determine which eggs are still good eggs and which eggs are past their usability (i.e. bad eggs) with this simple method:
  • Fill a bowl/cup/etc with water (preferably a glass container or one that you can see through).  Make sure you have enough water in the container to completely cover + some the egg.
  • Gently place an egg in the container.
    • If it floats, you've found a bad egg.  It's no good; toss it immediately.
    • If it sinks, you've found a good egg.  Yay!  Keep for future use.
    • If it stands on one end, you've found an egg that's starting to go bad.  You can still use these, but you need to do so as soon as possible.

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