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23 February 2017

Sprinkles Are Just Edible Glitter

Though there really is such as things as edible glitter.

I used some on the Valentine cookies that were in a few posts back.  Can't say that edible glitter tastes all that great though...sprinkles are better.


Sprinkles will still get EVERYWHERE though, just like glitter.


And, the very worst sprinkle offenders?  Nonpareils.


They roll away from the broom.  The vacuum won't suck them up.


And that's just on the hardwood floors.  I've given up on getting them out of the rug...maybe I can try using the force.


Or just let the dog inside.  Dogs eat sprinkles, right?


I've got to find the solution soon - there will be more sprinkle goodness in a few weeks.



Talk to you soon!

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