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12 June 2017

More May

Lots more May; actually, the rest of May.  Hope you're in the mood for a long post full of photos today.

Yes, the eagle is edible.  He was sculpted out of rice krispy treats by my lovely and talented niece (she blogs over at - pay her a visit!), then covered by yours truly in fondant.  So many feathers... 

Cookies to complement the eagle.

A traveling wedding cake - drove it 2 hours down the road for the wedding of one my oldest and best friends.  I also had the joy of being in the wedding.  That was one busy weekend!

If you're thinking the cake above looks a bit "unfinished," you'd be correct.  The client added a "29-ish" topper in front of the bow, hence no tails.

And, this one might look a bit strange, too.  The cakes were displayed on a "stair step" cake stand, so they were all at different heights.  I don't currently own such a stand, so I made due with just the table.

Have you ever heard that you should make your buttercreams ahead of time so that the colors can deepen?  Yeah, I have too.  Which is exactly why I make buttercreams ahead of time.  And I did so with this cake - making a tan buttercream a few days prior to icing the tiers.

And, much to my horror, it turned more butter yellow once it was on the cake and well crusted.  Not at all what I was going for (or what the bride was going for either).  Luckily, she was understanding and the cake still looked nice and tasted good.  Lesson learned, be prepared for color changes even AFTER you've allowed the buttercream to rest/deepen.  (It was the ivory food color gel I added - I just know it.  I'll be more careful with it next time!)

On to more graduation cakes and cookies!

And, one last birthday cake for good measure.

Talk to you soon!

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