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06 July 2017

June Boon

Time to share the June goodies!

I had the privilege of making a unicorn cake this past month - yep, I took part in the trend.  And, I may have the opportunity to make another in July!

Hard to tell in this photos, but there is even edible glitter in the mane!
 And, inside the unicorn, this pretty pink cake.

The birthday girl requested "cherry chip," so I tried my hand at creating said flavor.  She said it was amazingly good.  Success!


Do you ever write a word so many times that you start to doubt that you've spelled it correctly?  That was the case with these "baby" shower cookies.

50th wedding anniversary cake - finished in fondant; the client had a beautiful "50" topper they added prior to the party.

Note to self, if I ever attempt sand dollar cookies again - they have 5 loops, not four.  Oops!

Who decided what color softballs should be?  Why are they neon yellow and not white, like baseballs??

This groom's cake was for a wedding a small town.  How do I know it ranks as a "small" town?  We has some trouble finding the reception location (Google couldn't find it either), but we stopped in a local store and asked.  The very first question, "Is this for the wedding?"  Thankfully, the store owner was able to direct us to our destination.

After setting up the cake, I even was sent home with a beer stein direct from Germany.  The steins were the guests party favors and the Father of the Bride was kind enough to send one with me!

Chocolate Oreo bliss - chocolate cake with Oreo filling and chocolate buttercream.  And, I finally was able to meet the client who ordered it; she typically places the birthday order for her daughter over the phone since she doesn't live in the area.

This cake was a perfect reminder as to why I don't do whipped buttercream.  The whipped buttercream whipped me - I ended up making a tasty marshmallow buttercream instead.  Though it wasn't what the client ordered.  Luckily, they were understanding.  But, with a side of learning.

No, I didn't make the dinosaurs.  Or the rocks.  But the rocks are chocolate!!

Life's a beach!  Somewhere under the sea?

"She wants a Michael Jackson cake."  That sentence struck a bit of fear into my heart - how exactly to make that happen?  This is how.


13 going on 30.  Some days I wish it was 30 going on 13 - I had it so easy back then and didn't even realize it!  (Though in all honesty, I am still blessed far beyond words.)

I had the urge to play video games while I was working on this cake, wonder why?

You're going to think this next cake looks unfinished.  And, in a way, you'd be correct.  It was finished on my part - the clients added a few Troll toppers and other candies.

Cupcakes to complement!

A dapperly dressed cake.  It was finished in buttercream which means I had a terrible, terrible time getting the bow-tie and mustache to stay in place.  The summer heat didn't help either...

I enjoy getting to do "joke" cakes/funny cakes, particularly when the birthday boy or girl can take the joke.

The cake was for a surprise party, and he still wasn't aware of it when I delivered the cake.  I hope it was remained a surprise!

Talk to you soon!

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