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19 January 2011

Fairy Tales & Falcons

Well...I'm a day later than I had hoped to be with this post, but the important thing is that it's here now...right?  In my defense, I've been busy recovering from my first truly unsalvageable cake disaster (more on this shortly), enjoying the long holiday weekend (happy belated MLK day!), and working on cake plans for the rest of my January orders.  No resting on my laurels here!

Any who...on to the good stuff - because we all know you are here to see the cakes, not listen to a rundown of my last few days; however, I would ask that you please read the following disclaimer before continuing.

*Disclaimer - If you do not wish to see the cake disaster, please avert your eyes.  I understand you may wish to keep in your mind the image of me being perfect (which is alright with me!) although this is an instance in which I was not.

For those of you who did not heed the it is...


It may not look like much, but believe me, when a cake you have been working on for several hours ends up in the trash, it is a disaster...even more so when it is 11:30 pm the night before the cake is due.  (Sob!)

What happened?  Well...let's just say that the design of the cake (which by the way was to be Rapunzel's tower) was not especially conducive to the recipe used and I may have perhaps overfilled the layers just a smidge...resulting in the bottom cake cracking and the top layers sliding to left as I was doweling the cake.**  The consequence was an unusable cake and my staying up most of the night to rebuild from scratch, but the order was completed on time! 

Here's the completed cake, including Rapunzel and her chameleon friend, which were modeled from edible candy clay.  If you look closely, you can see some resemblance between the cake disaster and this cake...I think the finished version turned out much better!


In addition to Rapunzel's tower, I also created a cake for an Atlanta Falcon fan's birthday.  It just so happened that the NFC divisional playoff game fell on the same day, so her cake, fittingly, reflected support of the Falcons.


My nephew also helped me decorate some cupcakes that I made from excess cake batter after baking the second Rapunzel tower.  (This is one of the perks for my family and friends - they often get leftovers!)  I think he may have ended up eating more sprinkles than he put on the cupcakes though...


**I would like to state for the record that this is the first time I've had a cake go so awry that it was unsalvageable.  I'm in no hurry to repeat the experience.

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