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26 January 2011

A Hunting We Will Go

A hunting we will go, a hunting we will go!  And along the way, maybe we'll put out a fire and watch the Phoenix Suns play basketball.  Sounds like a pretty good time, eh?

Well, while my past week, unfortunately, didn't actually include any hunting, firefighting, or basketball watching, I did get to create four cakes that used these activities as inspiration and I had a pretty good time doing maybe it's not an entirely bad trade-off.

Here's the first cake I made this week...a delicious orange dreamsicle cake designed to look like a bird hunting vest.  Everything, with the exception of the Remington patch and size tag, was done in buttercream.


This cake was for a wedding reception and was created around the groom's profession.  The antique fire engine and flames (which went around the entire cake) are royal icing.


I also had the opportunity to make a birthday cake for a Phoenix Suns & Steve Nash basketball fan...the birthday girl even has the same jersey number as Nash, so of course the cake was done in the Suns colors!  It included a Phoenix logo, personalized jerseys, and a Steve Nash signature shoe box.  The silhouettes around each tier reflected not only basketball, but her other favorite sports - track and gymnastics - as well.


The final cake is another bird hunting vest.  (It's not very often that I get requests for similar designs or themes in the same week, but it does happen occasionally!)  This vest was also done in buttercream, but included a few more personalized decorations to reflect some of the recipient's additional interests...including a hand-painted "bag" of Peanut M&Ms.


That's it for now...I'm headed back to the kitchen...

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