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30 March 2011

March Madness

I'm not talking about basketball or my bracket.  I shudder just recalling how horribly wrong I was with my picks this year. Perfect proof - the big dance hasn't even happened yet and already my poor selections and all the game upsets have cost me a dish-washing assistant and a peanut butter pie! 

No...let's just stay far away from the topic of college basketball.  Let's instead discuss my crazy previous week.  Here's the rundown:

Sugar Cookies - 3 Dozen


Yes, they were basketball-themed, but not in honor of March Madness.  Promise.  In fact, they were an accompaniment to Cake #1.

Cake - #1 of 5


Obviously, not college basketball related in any way...well, other than the backboard, hoop, net, and basketball...but the similarities end there.  The logo really seals the deal...not a college team or reference in sight!

Cake - #2 of 5


This one does include a nod to a college, but it's for an entirely different sport (notice the jersey?) and it's a birthday cake.  No basketball reference here!

Cake - #3 of 5


A cheerleader's megaphone.  I know what you're thinking..."all the teams had cheer leading squads spurring them on," so that's a blatant basketball reference, but I disagree.  After all there are cheerleaders for other sports too, not just basketball. 

Weak argument, you say?  Fair enough...I've more cakes and things to share with you!

Cake - #4 of 5


Here it is, a cake with absolutely no possibility of bringing up the topic of basketball or March Madness.  Wait...what's that I hear you whispering about a big dance? No, no...we aren't discussing the fact that I didn't pick any of the final four teams.  Moving on...

Cake - #5 of 5


Ok...finally...this cake really doesn't have anything at all to do with sporting events of any kind.  I challenge you to find a sports reference here.  And no, commenting on the fact that the cowboy appears to be mocking my picks does not count.'re still hoping for something you CAN'T tie back to basketball or brackets?  You say the cowboy cake wasn't good enough or far enough removed.  I see.  *riffling through photos*  Ah-ha! Here it is...

Cupcakes - 108 miniature, 3 dozen regular


Happy, bright, spring colors!  Butterflies and flowers!  There's no possible way you can refer this back to basketball or sports of any kind!  (Though if you do, leave me a comment...I'd love to read what you come up with, seeing as how I bumfuzzled myself with this one!)

I hope your bracket picks turned out better than mine!

P.S.  I have to say thanks to A for helping me out this were an absolute life-saver and that disco ball is fabulous!  Oh, and I apologize, dear readers, for some of the dark pictures, but that's what happens when you are up until 2:30 in the morning finishing up cake orders that will be delivered the next day...

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