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23 March 2011

One Little Candle

Oops!  Just realized I forgot to click the "Publish Post" button this morning when I finished writing apologies for it being late!!

Actually, the total candle count this week would be two, but let's not split hairs.  After all the candle count per cake is one...which means first birthdays!

First off, a transportation themed cake for the birthday boy...with the added bonus of a sugar cookie airplane and fire engine.  By the way, those sugar cookies are hand-cut (no cookie cutters here!) and decorated.  This isn't because I like to create extra work for myself, but because I live in a small town with a limited selection of cookie cutters. 

And, while it shames me to admit this, they are made from store-bought cookie dough.  GASP! It's a horrible admission I know and I assure you I will never make the same mistake again, they just don't live up to my homemade sugar cookies...I didn't expect them to, but when under a time crunch, one has to do what one has to do.  But, store bought or no, they are still hand-cut and decorated!  That counts for something, right? (I'm telling myself it does...)


And with it being his first birthday, he had to have a smash cake all his own!


Secondly, but still a first, a darling brown polka dot and pink "quilled" flower cake (and smash cake, too) for the birthday girl.  I recently came across this flower-making technique and the possibilities for it are absolutely endless.  I can't wait to try it out again!


That's all for now, but I'll have lots to share with you next's shaping up to be a VERY busy next few days in my kitchen. Until then,

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