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11 May 2011

Life's A Beach!

Wouldn't you love to be on the beach right now?  I know I would.  Relaxing on the white sand, not a care or a worry in the world.  Raise your hand if you could go for that as well.

Unfortunately, I'm not at the beach, and I have plenty of cares and worries to address.  But if you're lucky enough to be there, send me a postcard!

For those of you, who like me, can't be on the beach right now, how bout a swimming pool and a deck chair?  Maybe something like this?


Yes, it's a cake, but it sets the scene for a perfect daydream, doesn't it?  Here's a look at the entire thing...complete with a good book and an extra towel for sunbathing.  Ah...that would be the life; too bad I can't jump into the scene like they jumped into the books on Reading Rainbow...


Well, since we can't all be at the beach or by the pool, how about a cake that's a little more realistic to the weather patterns we've been subjected to in my part of the country lately...


Though to be honest, I think the cake has more green grass then we do right now! If you know anyone who has some extra rain, have them send it out this way.  (Oh...and I apologize for the color in this photo, it was taken well after dark, I need more hours in the day!)

Talk to you soon, readers!

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