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16 June 2011

But Wait, There's More!

As promised, I'm back today with more baking goodness to show you.  And it's not all cake!  I made cookies and cupcakes this week too; they were a wonderful change of pace.

Oh, and I made some amazing pies as well, but I'll share them with you at a later date...maybe even throw in a recipe or two. *wink, wink*

But, first, the cakes!


These were for a going away party.  Buttercream with fondant pennants and lettering.  Oh, and the phrase on the left-hand one?  A play off the honoree's nickname (JV), it read "Way to make it to varsity!"  Very fun inscription, though admittedly not mine, the client provided the idea!

This next one though, I came up with all by myself.  (I'm inordinately proud of my cleverness, I know.  My apologies.) Two golf themed retirement cakes, which also needed to include a reference to the retiree's new the drawing board!



My solution:  a "green" cake with golf club, golf ball, and tees (they even looked wood-grained!), and the pin flag marking the location of his new city on the map of Georgia.  The cakes were buttercream, with the accents being made from fondant and/or gumpaste.

Chewy, Chocolate Chip Cookies

Mmmm....look at that scrumptiousness!  Saying I was pleased that I had to make cookies this past week would probably be an understatement.  I'd been craving them, and this order came along at the perfect time.  K and I found the quality control sampling to be a major hardship, I assure you.  No worries, though, we came through it unscathed...well, unless you take into account the extra pound or two we might have gained...

Peanut Butter Cookies

Softhouse Sugar Cookies

Anybody want a cookie?

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  1. Those cookies look super scrumptious! Feel free to mail me some!