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21 June 2011

Introducing....Tasty Tip Tuesdays!

I'm sure you're wondering what "Tasty Tip Tuesday" is all about.  Allow me to explain...

Each Tuesday I'll post a helpful, handy tip or idea.  Mostly these will deal with your kitchen life, but I may throw in a few random ones to keep things fresh.  Only time will tell...though I promise to keep the posts short and sweet and very to the point.  No sense in wasting your precious want the info, not flowery drivel!  (Today is an exception, have to do the introductions after all, but I'm done now, on to today's tasty tip!)

For Keeps

Did you plant to many herbs in your garden this year?  Already unsure what to do with them all, but hate to see them go to waste?  Here's 3 easy ways to store all those fresh herbs without sacrificing nutrients and flavor:

1.  Dry Them.  Snip off healthy branches and remove the leaves from the bottom 1 inch of the stem.  Bundle several stems together with string or a rubber band, and hang upside down in a warm, airy room.  Check them weekly until completely dry.  Crumble the leaves into spice jars.

2.  Freeze Them.  Chop herbs and fill the sections of an ice cube tray with them.  Then, carefully pour water into each herb-filled compartment and freeze.  When frozen solid, remove from the ice cube tray and place in zippered plastic storage bags.

3.  Refrigerate Them.  Use specially designed produce storage bags to keep herbs fresh and green for up to two weeks.


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