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15 June 2011

Monkey Business


Pretty cute huh? 

As you probably surmised, I ventured into the realm of modeling figures from gumpaste again this week.  I'm getting better at my attempts...I think.  The facial expression is my favorite part though; lends a serious adorableness to the figure.  Wanna see the entire cake?


I love, love the way this cake looked...maybe I need to work from looser design plans all the time, because admittedly, I didn't have a firm idea in mind when I started this one.  

The colors and the topper also bring to mind Rock the Sock, a wonderful philanthropic organization that donates socks to those in need.  I encourage you to check it out, perhaps even make a donation!*

I'll be back tomorrow with the other cake creations from this week, see ya then!

*Not a paid advertisement, just wanted to share an organization that is important to me!

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