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14 September 2011

Cake Pops & a Car Show

Cake pops have officially "made it" to my little corner of the world...or so it seems to me, anyway!  I've had several orders for these yummy little treats in the last week, no cakes though.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Cake Pops, they are crumbles of cake mixed with frosting, formed into shapes, placed on a lollipop stick, and then covered with candy coating.  They can be made in just about any flavor you can dream up, and if you're really ambitious, even just about any shape.  If you choose to go the route of interesting shapes, just be prepared for lots of failures...make plenty of extra!


A few fun flower shaped Cake Pops for a Tinkerbell birthday party.


Three dozen red and white Cake Pops for a carnival themed birthday party.  (These were white cake with buttercream, and chocolate cake with buttercream.)


And, a few firefighter themed Cake Pops for my nephew's birthday party at school.  (I apologize for the picture quality, it was somewhere around 5:30 AM when I snapped this pic.  Sleep is overrated right?)  These were admittedly a headache from the get go and didn't turn out as well as I would have liked...odd shapes and all.  There are fire helmets, fire hydrants, and a few white pops drizzled with red candy coating...I will attempt the helmets and hydrants again, I know I can do better.  Practice makes perfect and all that jazz...

So, now that we have gotten the sugar taken care of, whose ready to see the cars?  

K and I attended the Hooker, OK car show last Saturday.  I've been attending for several years, and each year the show just gets bigger and better.  This year they had over 220 vehicles entered and absolutely perfect weather.  If you ever have the opportunity and are interested in cars, particularly classics, I would encourage you to attend...the setting, hospitality, and fun vibe of the event is hard to find anywhere else.

Here's just a few of the photos I took, and if you're like me, you'll find many of these cars drool worthy, so be sure to have a napkin or two handy...

Pontiac Firebird & Ford Mustang...can I have both?

Corvette convertible.  Best in Show Car for the 2nd year.  I'll take this one, please...

"Yes, officer, please pull me over."

Another classic Corvette convertible.  I'll take this one, too!

There's just something about a vintage Chevy pickup...

Chevelle SS, 396 engine.  Race ya?


Love the wood beds in these pickups!

Oh, the places I could go!

Rubber duck on the dash...obviously it was meant to be...

Gorgeous orange coupe.  And an OSU tag! These are my people!

Sunny yellow Ford pickup.  Love the fat whitewalls and red rims!

Plymouth GTX.  Probably my favorite of the show this year!
No power steering, but it did have power windows.
Who needs power steering anyway?  It was built to run straight and fast!
Photo courtesy of K.

Did you see anything you liked?  Oops, I think you may have a little drool on your chin.  Not there...over just a tad...there ya go, got it.  

Can't blame you, I'd have a garage full of them, if I could only afford it!  A girl can dream though!

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