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07 September 2011


Look up.  (Not at the ceiling, but at the top of the page.)  See that fancy new title bar?  With the amazing artwork?

Look up a little further.  See the new favicon next to the website address?  (If your using Chrome as your browser, it'll be located on the tab.)

These lovely pieces of artwork are not my creations.  They were made for me by my wonderfully talented niece, Pax.  In fact, she made an entire series of baking/cake themed drawings for me.  I loved them all, and while I've currently only found uses for the two you see today, I don't plan to keep the others hidden away.  I'll find perfect uses for them when the time is right.

Since the favicon is so small, here's a larger version of it.  Some of you might also recognize this piece as the watermark I use on my photos...just in a black and white version.

Pax also writes a blog, which you can find here.  It is an excellent source of inspiration, fun, and random reasons.  You can view some of her other artwork via her blog as well.

Oh, and she is the founder of the Rock the Sock - a non-profit organization that donates socks to those in need.  You can find out more about the organization here.

As l'artiste would's the random reasons.

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