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07 December 2011

Cow Lick

Let me introduce you to the mascot for today's post:


Pretty cute, huh?  And, she's made from gumpaste!  By me!  I think this cow may be my favorite figure I've modeled from gumpaste so far...a lot of that has to do with the facial expression though.  Expressions can make or break a modeled design. 

Wanna see the cakes that went with her?


The main cake for a first birthday.  It was iced in green buttercream with gumpaste/fondant accents.  And let me tell you, those picket fences were a real pain to cut out with my Exacto knife!  The best part (other than the cow, of course) was the filling for this cake...homemade Bavarian cream and raspberry.  Yum, yum!

And, since it was a first birthday, there was also a smash cake to go with the main one, designed to match, of course!


I also made this sweet Baptism cake this past week.  The client didn't have a preference on color scheme, so I went with a fun purple and lime one.  (I was trying to stay away from the traditional, expected pale pinks and blues.)  Oh, and I also made letter/name blocks for the first time.  They were surprisingly easy to create, though next time I will aim for more of a square shape rather than a rectangle.


And, last but not least, I made this cute themed cake for one of my nieces for her 3rd birthday.  She specifically requested this cartoon bear, (yes, the one that lives in the blue house), and I couldn't resist adding the mouse.  At least I think it's a mouse, I'm, admittedly, not very familiar with this cartoon...


Hopefully, she was pleased with it.  I didn't get to attend her celebration because I was in Stillwater watching the Cowboys kick the Sooners tails...

Anybody going to Phoenix for the Fiesta Bowl?  Want a travel companion??

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